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SwordKanji font sample

The Sword Kanji font

The Sword Kanji font is a japanese font based on the Jim's Kanji font by Jim Kurrasch. Jim has done an astonishing work, designing thousands of beautiful ideograms. Unfortunately, at the time he did this work, Unicode fonts were non-existent. Thus Jim had no option but to scatter the kanjis over twelve font files.

I took over his work, and re-mapped the entire set into one single Unicode font file. You can download this file below. It should work with any unicode-aware software, as well as any genuine japanese software.

Beware however, this font is kanjis-and-kanas-only. No roman letters, nor digits included into this font.

SWORD.TTF (approx. 1.5 MB)

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Copyright ©2002, Didier Mas